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History and Basic Info:

 Adoration was created in 2009 by real-life friends.  We are a combined leveling and raiding guild. We understand that each player has different goals and try to provide the appropriate leadership for each. Although we have a separation of goals among our members, we also include other guild events in order to connect with players of all level.

Raid Info: Our ICC 10 team is currently 12/12
Adoration tries to cope with members available time to raid. However our main raiding times are usually Friday at 9pm server. That time however is usually reserved for our big raid of the week, we do several events pre hand like lotterys and weeklys. Also note that usually we will finish up raiding that weekend either Sunday or Monday. If you have a problem with raiding at this time talk to us, we will work with you.

 -Aydge is the Guild Master. She is also in charge of the more laid back guild events like the lottery. Any general guild concerns should be presented to her.
 -Whitehott/Ankleshanker/Shaqzilla is the Co-Gm and he is our raid leader.  Any questions (especially dealing with Shammy [Heals]) ask him.
 -Firemancer is our other raid leader and guild relations specialist. Issues with other players or within the guild  or even questions about the website should be brought to his attention.Fire is also our mage/dps specialist.

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Guild Lottery

Aydge09, Nov 11, 10 10:46 PM.
Thursdays = Guild Lottery Days!
The details for each lottery tend to vary (price of tickets, number range, etc.) So be sure to check your calendars for the specifics! We generally do at least 2 per month as a fun event for all guildies to participate in, and a chance for some extra gold & prizes!


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Firemancer187, Oct 7, 10 8:46 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Please note that we are recruiting all classes, fill out a application on the forums
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